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Since the introduction of the ACA, the individual insurance market has grown astronomically. Today, employers likely will not provide employee insurance at all or cover the employee only and not the employee’s family. When you need one-on-one benefits consultation and actionable solutions, Cypress will deliver. We’re small enough to give you a completely personalized solution and large enough to compete with other providers in our industry.

Our commitment to getting to know each individual client who comes to us for benefits solutions is what makes Cypress unique. We are problem solvers, and we pride ourselves on getting to the bottom of your specific problems efficiently. We come up with affordable, comprehensive benefits plans to fit your life. Instead of using the same template across the board, we start from scratch every time. That means you receive personalized, in-depth problem solving tailored to meet your needs.

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The ACA has drastically changed individual insurance policies, and Cypress is an industry leader in ACA compliance. When you work with us, you work with a group that has a financial and legal background with insurance—a combination rarely seen in our industry. Our group is a member of Smart CEO, CEO Club, and the President’s Advisory Council. We’re the ideal balance of a boutique insurance group and a large-scale benefits brokerage.

Our willingness to handle any issue that arises with an individual insurance plan makes us the group of choice for clients, including students, self-employed individuals, and workers who have exhausted their Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act coverage between jobs. We ask the right kinds of questions about your benefits preferences, likes and dislikes about your current benefits, and your needs to get to the bottom of insurance problems. Then, we address your requirements with the appropriate tools and knowledge to bring you the best the individual insurance industry has to offer.

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